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Accounting service and accountant hiring will give you the best choice with high quality in service with suitable price to have professional accountant.
- Establishing financial information system.
- Accountant works and store all accounting documents at your office
- Provide in time accounting information or accountant working full time at your office.
- Auditor check the accounting data periodically to make sure accounting data is safe and sound.
- Give good advice in time.
- Provide reports as request.
- Use IT in storing, backup, safety data..
- Secure accounting information.
- Tax explanation, tax verification as request.
- Clear responsibility.

The establishment of a good and completed accounting system which is an important work has great influence to the operation and development of the business.

Moreover, enterprises can know deeply about their operation as well as financial capability in the past, present and future to plan strategies for their development, timely given the key decisions and reduce risks in business.
In addition, enterprises can comply with and fully implement the provisions of the current accounting of the government accurately and timely.
Therefore, experts of Hoi Tu Corporation will help enterprises build an effective, optimized accounting system which is consistent with the specific situation of each enterprise.
Bring your business the practical benefits such as:
- Cost savings: reducing costs of recruitment, training, equipment, salaries, monthly health insurance, and monthly social insurance for the accountants.
- Time savings: being more secure about their accounting systems and focus on business development with:
  • The data is updated and is systematized for enterprise be more easy to monitor and access the accounting software professionally.
  • Always be updated in time for the law and the current accounting regime.
  • Be advised to find the best solution for the taxation system for a company, and be supported to solve difficult problems of taxation by experienced experts in the field of accounting having good relations with the tax office.
- The accounting – taxation services we provide include:
  • Accounting service for small and medium foreign company operating in Vietnam.
  • Taxation Service.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Information Technology service
Hoi Tu Corporation always accompany and work closely with your enterprise to resolve any concern and questions about accounting - tax anywhere.
We provide accounting service in Vietnam at low price and high quality.

  1. Who need this services?
    • Companies need to make books and periodic accounting reports where accounting is not required in the daily operation.
  2. Work to be done:
    • Monthly work:
      • Declaration procedures with tax authorities (when enterprises have just finished business registration).
      • Procedures purchase VAT invoice.
      • Prepare receipts, invoices and bills based on the outputs and inputs of the Company.
      • Make books based on cash receipts and spending bills.
      • Make monthly salary statement, personal income tax for each employee.
      • Prepare insurance statement and insurance profile submitted to the authority.
      • Make monthly VAT report and pay VAT (if payable).
      • Prepare general ledger, subsidiary ledger accounts for all.
      • Prepare inventory reports.
      • Prepare reports of fixed assets and depreciation.
      • Make the explanation of the change of fixed assets.
      • Prepare accounting balance sheet.
      • Prepare ledger balance sheet.
      • Prepare financial statement.
      • Make explanation of financial statements.
    • Annual work:
      • Declare and pay excise.
      • Establish procedures to purchase VAT invoice issued by the Ministry of Finance.
      • Prepare and submit quarterly financial reports and annual reports including ledger balance sheet, account balance sheet, financial statement, financial report explanation.
      • Pay corporate income tax (if any).
      • Prepare and submit yearly VAT reports.
      • Prepare and submit reports on use of invoices annually.

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