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With specialist team have high specialized, Hoi Tu Corporation is a reliable address provided expert advice in the government and foreign organizations in the construction of the law, research procedure in Vietnam. We can support investors in overseas construction projects for production and business, Iranians, incentives for investment, loans.

Hoi Tu Corporation provides for investors all information of investment projects at the same time, appropriate counseling, searching, guidance, implementation of investment procedures in Vietnam, ...
Currently, Vietnam have about 2,240 projects calling for investors and foreign. Investment situation in 2006, 2007, 2008 growth is very good and exceeded planned targets set out by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. With Vietnam's economy, politics and became a member of the WTO - Vietnam attracted foreign investors the best in the region in recent years.


Investment Law
Decision 1290/QD-TTg


Advisory of Foreign Investment in Vietnam is one of very first services provided by us. Our team of advisory of foreign investment in Vietnam assists  numerous enterprises in doing business in Vietnam and other Asian countries in well understanding challenges of conducting investment in today’s business world. We help investors to manage risks and resolve problems effectively, providing pragmatic advices that enable them to achieve their investment ambitions. Our major areas of practice are:

- Advising on Vietnam’s policies related to foreign investment in different economic sectors, early warning on potential areas of difficulty and conflicts as well as analyzing its positive impaction to the specific projects. Our lawyers may also assist clients in conducting market research in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

- Advising on the possibility for foreign investors to obtain an investment license, restriction and conditions applicable to foreign investors and the selection of appropriate resolutions for conducting an investment in Vietnam.

- Preparing documents required for obtaining investment certificate and sub-licenses or permits, working with authorities for obtaining the investment certificate and supporting to negotiate and settle legal issues after obtaining such licenses.

- Assisting in negotiating and preparing co-operation, business, or shareholders agreement with Vietnamese parties in joint venture relationship.

- Assisting in opening representative office for foreign company in Vietnam.

- Expanding business scope and assist in other daily business operation including but not limited to labor issues, commercial contracts, management contract and tax.


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